The link between New Age groups and QAnon

The link between far-right groups like Q and the New-Agey, #UFO movement deserves some real scrutiny. They are both deeply concerned with a coming war (or “disclosure”) which will upend governments and lead to either an apocalypse or a golden age. Big totalitarian vibes. One thing is for sure – there’s no middle ground forContinue reading “The link between New Age groups and QAnon”

March 13

It was, perhaps, too late. Or so we were told. Previous estimates had been too conservative; windows of opportunity were closing or had closed. Everywhere there were “looming fears”, omens of disengagement and decline. There were irreducible risks, mortality vectors, assessed damages, failures in correlation. There were infographics and charts stacked with color-coded skulls. TheContinue reading “March 13”

Russian Disinformation Redux?:

A new “deep fake” technology tried to topple Biden’s bid for the Presidency. But who was responsible? The blessing of blessings is to beat the other man’s army without getting into the fight yourself.  – The Art of War It looked so promising at first. After months of sexual assault smears that refused to gain traction againstContinue reading “Russian Disinformation Redux?:”