The link between New Age groups and QAnon

The link between far-right groups like Q and the New-Agey, #UFO movement deserves some real scrutiny. They are both deeply concerned with a coming war (or “disclosure”) which will upend governments and lead to either an apocalypse or a golden age. Big totalitarian vibes. One thing is for sure – there’s no middle ground for these people, and they force anyone who interacts with them into “picking a side”.

Though the actors are different, the way information was disseminated to QAnon was similar. In the 70s-90s, contactees “channeling” gods or aliens were fostered and encouraged by CIA-connected pseudo-mystics like Andrew Puharich and Jim Hurtek who were trying to grow their own cults by capitalizing on the legitimately mysterious #UAP phenomenon. The US and Soviet government was also involved, both to keep tabs on these cult groups and to see if they could be exploited.

Fast forward to 2106. New Age stuff is out of fashion. People are cynical and look to technology for their oracles now. The internet is a much better transmitter of information than kooky “channelers” (who had a habit of not cooperating or committing suicide) so instead of mediums, we get internet forums and people like Ron Watkins, ersatz-mediums who “channel” QAnon (or General Mike Flynn). Whether it’s channeling or Q drops, it’s all just disinformation laundering.

What’s also interesting is that people whose lives feel empty and devoid of meaning often fall for this stuff: they want to be part of some giant battle of good and evil because there’s nothing else to do. And that is getting worse now that we are, as @davetroy pointed out, so isolated from other groups socially.

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