Which do you want first, the good news or the fake news?

Did you know that you are more likely to believe the first version of a story you read, even if someone corrects it later? Or that google returns a different answer to the question “is climate change real?” depending on what country you are searching from? If I was the dramatic type (I am), I would say that World War 3 is here and it’s a fight for the very fabric of what is real. So yeah the stakes are pretty small.

How do we recognize disinformation? Who does it benefit? What can we do about it? I have no idea, but here’s some thoughts about politics and propaganda, with some personal essays thrown in.

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The link between New Age groups and QAnon

The link between far-right groups like Q and the New-Agey, #UFO movement deserves some real scrutiny. They are both deeply concerned with a coming war (or “disclosure”) which will upend governments and lead to either an apocalypse or a golden age. Big totalitarian vibes. One thing is for sure – there’s no middle ground for…

Decent Democracy

My friends have a teenage son. You know the type: for years, he kept coming in late at night, after curfew, leaving his marijuana paraphernalia around the house. He was always having parties when his parents were out of town. The police had responded to several noise complaints over the years because of his antics. They were…


Gassing and gaslighting in the summer of 2020 The police radio is going in the kitchen, static chopped up with the crackling voices of the NYPD and every few minutes a series of loud touchtones, like when someone picks up the other line and starts dialing  when you are on a call.  A Siamese cat…

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